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Welcome to the Bloomsburg University Manga and Anime Club (BUMAC) webpage. We hold free public showings of anime every Monday and Thursday at 7:45 p.m. in Bakeless Center Room 207. Please enjoy your stay and we hope to see you at the next meeting!


Halloween Party, Advisors Choice, Film Fest
November 1, 2006, 8:23 pm by Webmaster
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BUMAC held its annual Halloween party. It was AWSOME! Thanks to all those who dressed up, we had 13 members dress up, and all 4 officers came up with a costume. Congrats to John who won first place with Fonzie, Katelyn who won second place with Shinguji Sakura from Sakura Wars, and finally Chuck with Pimp Daddy Science. Thanks to Dr. Karsner who donated all the Prizes (Trinkets from Japan) that were given to members who dressed up.

Thursday will be Advisors Choice; we will be watching Grave of the Fireflies.

Finally, on Saturday November 11th we will be having another film fest that is being held on November 11th, 2006 from 12NOON until 8PM, Centennial Hall Rooms 218, 243, 244, and 245.  The event is open to the public free of charge, free snacks, everyone is welcome! We will be sampling anime & anime movies, live-action shows & movies.

Halloween Party, Advisors Choice, Film Fest
October 24, 2006, 4:07 pm by Webmaster
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Hello, here are a few reminders about upcoming BUMAC events.  

Monday September 30th BUMAC will be having its annual Halloween party.  There will be candy and prizes for people who dress up.  

Thursday November 2nd we will be having officer’s choice at the meeting.   Dr. Long has chosen to show us the anime Grave of the Fireflies.  

Finally, on Saturday November 11th we will be having another film fest that is being held on November 11th, 2006 from 12NOON until 8PM, Centennial Hall Rooms 218, 243, 244, and 245.  The event is open to the public free of charge, free snacks, everyone is welcome! We will be sampling anime & anime movies, live-action shows & movies.

Film Fest and Dance Dance Revolution Success
September 22, 2006, 12:39 pm by Webmaster
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Thanks to all who attended our Film Fest and the Dance Dance Revolution fundraiser.  Both were major success this year.  Pictures from the event will be up soon.   

Thank You.

P.S. Shout-out to our friends at Penn State Anime Organization for coming down to our event.  They are organizing a convention called Setsucon and it will be in January 2007.  Check out there website at Setsucon.com for more information.  

Reminders Film Fest/Dance Dance Revolution
September 12, 2006, 10:38 am by Webmaster
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Film Fest and Dance Dance Revolution Competition will be on Saturday September 16th from Noon – 8PM.  Dance Dance Revolution Pre-Registration Wednesday Sept.13th & Friday Sept. 15th outside Kher Union Multi A. $5.00 Entry Fee. 

Meetings have resumed we meet every Monday and Thursday from 8-10PM in Bakeless Center Room 107.  

Info Meeting/Election Results
September 12, 2006, 10:35 am by Webmaster
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Thanks to all who came to our info meeting, it was an interesting time. We discussed some of the basics of club, rules, etc.

A big hello goes out to President Kozloff, who stopped by to say hello and ask us a few questions.

The election of officers also occured. Eric has been re-elected president, Erika has been re-elected vice president, and Ryan has been re-elected secretary. We also welcome Rachel to the BUMAC officer team, she was elected Treasurer.   We also had four volunteers join to serve as freshman reps. Welcome to the team!

First anime club meeting of the semester.
September 4, 2006, 9:17 pm by Webmaster
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Hello to all members and prospective members of the club.

We will be having our first meeting of the fall 2006 semester on Thursday September 7th 2006 in the Kher Union, Room 340 A&B from 8-10PM. For those of you who do not know room 340 is across from the info desk.

This meeting is a good time for new and old members to introduce themselves, get a feel for the club, discuss plans for the semester, and have officer elections for Freshman Representative and the Main Officer positions.

Regular meetings will then restart Monday September 11th. We have meetings every Monday and Thursday from 8:00-10:00PM in Bakeless Center Room 107. Hope to see you all on Thursday!

September 3, 2006, 8:27 pm by Webmaster
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Hello, welcome to BUMAC 2.0! After much planning, wrangling, and decision making we've finally replaced our original layout. If you should find any errors please email me with them and they will be fixed ASAP.  Please enjoy your say!

Activities Fair Rain Location and Unofficial meeting Monday.
August 27, 2006, 8:56 am by Webmaster
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Reminder: Activities Fair is from 3-5 today on the Lycoming Lawn and if it is raining today the Activities fair will be in the Kher Union.

Also, an unofficial meeting will be held tomorrow in our usual location, BCH 107 from 8-10PM. We will discuss the film fest, and then watch some anime.

Recruit Fest Sunday, Film Fest Meeting Monday, and Schedule for the semester.
August 24, 2006, 8:11 pm by Webmaster
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Hello! Welcome back to Bloomsburg University. BUMAC is about to restart for the semester. Here are a few dates on our schedule as of this time:

Sunday- August 27, 2006 Activities Fair and Recruit Fest
We need all available members to help assist us in recruiting new members.
It takes place on Lycoming lawn from 3-5 P.M. A few of us will be there early to set up. Any anime, manga, or music samples we could temporarily borrow would be greatly appreciated.

Monday- August 28, 2006 Unofficial club meeting. Primary agenda is the Film Fest. After that we will hold a summer rules meeting, I.E. nothing counts. If you want to help with the film fest your attendance will be appreciated.

Thursday –September 7, 2006 Election and new member introduction meeting to be held in the Kher Union room 340 A&B from 8-10 P.M.

Monday- September 11, 2006 First club meeting of the new semester. The meeting will occur in Bakeless room number 107 from 8-10 P.M (Same room as last year)

Saturday- September 16, 2006 Film Fest at Kher Union multi A&B from noon to eight P.M.

Hope to see you all there!

Tenth Summer Meeting: King of Bandit Jing + Film Fest/Anime meeting on Monday.
August 20, 2006, 1:37 pm by Webmaster
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We will be having another meeting then originally scheduled, we will meet on Monday August 21st to plan the film fest and watch anime. Anybody that can help us with the film fest is encouraged to attend.

We voted to watch King of Bandit Jing this week. From Animenfo: “'Jing is well known for his thievery skills. He can steal anything, which earned him the title of "King of Bandit". He shows up in various places all over the world with Kir, his bird companion, to steal amazing treasures.But what kind of world waits for them in the destination? What do they try to steal on earth? And, what romance develops between Jing and Jing Girl who appears every time?“

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