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Digital Summer Meetings: Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. on the Bloomsburg University Science Fiction Club Facebook Group.

Welcome to the Bloomsburg University Manga and Anime Club (BUMAC) webpage. We hold free public showings of anime every Monday and Thursday at 7:45 p.m. in Bakeless Center Room 207. Please enjoy your stay and we hope to see you at the next meeting!


In addition to the September 12th, 2011 meeting being cancelled, the September 15th, 2011 meeting has also been cancelled due to the continuing flood issues and closure of Bloomsburg University.
Posted on 11 Sep 2011 by Webmaster
Thanks to Ryan P, the president of the club for updating the club news while the webmaster had no power. Here are a summary of updates. Updated on Sunday September 11th, 2011 to reflect further changes.<br /><br />Thursday September 8th, 2011 - Meeting was cancelled due to the closure of Bloomsburg University because of flooding.<br /><br />Saturday September 10th, 2011 - Fall Flim Fest was cancelled due to the closure of Bloomsburg University because of flooding. Film Fest will be rescheduled for October if possible.<br /><br />Monday September 12th, 2011 - Meeting is cancelled due to the closure of Bloomsburg University because of flooding.<br /><br />Thursday September 15th, 2011 - Meeting is cancelled due to the closure of Bloomsburg University because of flooding.<br /><br />Monday September 19th, 2011 - Meeting's moved to Bakeless 303 until further notice.<br /><br />Please keep checking back for further updates!<br />
Posted on 10 Sep 2011 by Webmaster
Dear members,  <br /><br />Once again the university has changed the room that we meet in. Instead of Bakeless 306, we are now meeting in Bakeless 303. I find this unacceptable. Room 303 has the possible issue of having someone unlock the projectors. Unless I can get them to assure us that the projectors will be unlocked every Monday and Thursday at 8 p.m., we may have to abandon Bakeless for Centennial Hall. In order to address this problem the following steps are being taken:<br /><ol><li>The officers and I will meet with the building manager and try to ensure that the projectors are unlocked. If that fails we may have to relocate.</li><li>I am going to send an email about this situation to our advisor.</li><li>The officers and I are going to write a formal complaint to the CGA. Once again, I must profoundly apologize for any confusion that this may cause to new and old members alike. Please keep checking the club website and Facebook page for updates.</li></ol>Ryan Pancavage<br />BUMAC President
Posted on 09 Sep 2011 by Ryan
Due to Bloomsburg becoming a second Atlantis, the film fest scheduled for this weekend has been canceled. A new date for it will be posted once everything stabilizes. Also, there will be no club meeting on Monday September 12 because the university is closed. Please stay tuned for further club updates. Be safe, keep dry, and have a good weekend.
Posted on 08 Sep 2011 by Ryan
There will be no meeting on Monday September 5th, 2011 due to the Labor Day Holiday.  <br /><br />See you on Thursday September 8th, 2011 for the first official meeting of the semester!
Posted on 02 Sep 2011 by Webmaster
At our information meeting we watched My Bride is a Mermaid.<br /><br />Overview: Nagasumi’s in hot water after a beautiful, young mermaid named Sun saves
him from drowning. The deep-sea sweetheart’s dad is a merman Yakuza
prone to executing anyone who learns his family’s scaly secret! Luckily,
there’s a catch – if Nagasumi agrees to marry Sun, he just might avoid
sleeping with the fishes! Of course, the honeymoon ends before it
even begins when Nagasumi finds his life flooded with gilled gangsters
looking out for their boss’s little girl. The kid’s definitely in over
his head, but there’s no denying the mermaid’s allure – Nagasumi’s
hooked and Sun’s ready to come ashore!
Posted on 02 Sep 2011 by Webmaster
On Thursday September 1st, 2011 the Information meeting will be held in Bakeless Center Room 306 from 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. <span class="event-description">This
is a good time for new and old members to introduce themselves and
for everyone to get a feel for the club. Volunteers will be asked for
Freshman Representative positions. </span><span class="event-description">We will be showing a pre-chosen anime,
time permitting. </span><br /><br />We will see you all there!<br />
Posted on 31 Aug 2011 by Webmaster
Due to a paperwork issue, BUMAC meetings for the semester have been moved to Bakeless Center Room 306. Spread the word!
Posted on 30 Aug 2011 by Webmaster
At our unofficial meeting we watched Lupin III: The Last Job.<br /><br />Overview (From Wikipedia): Lupin
sends a letter to Zenigata announcing he will steal their cargo, the Buddha's
statue. Lupin succeeds and Zenigata gives chase. A villain named Morgana
intervenes the chase, stealing the statue and killing Zenigata in the process.
After Zenigata's funeral, Lupin reveals to his comrades he was after the secret
inside the Buddha statue. Asuka, revealing she is part of the Fuma Ninja clan
and explains the statue's secret leads to a device known as the Fujin and her
clan had left her to protect its secrets.
Posted on 30 Aug 2011 by Webmaster
We’d like to apologize for the confusion around tonight’s meeting; Bloomsburg University placed a class in Bakeless Center Room 105 without informing us. Our officers are working on acquiring a new room for the semester, and we will be announcing it shortly. Thanks to everyone who attended our unofficial meeting tonight and thank you for your patience!<br />
Posted on 29 Aug 2011 by Webmaster

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