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Digital Summer Meetings: Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. on the Bloomsburg University Science Fiction Club Facebook Group.

Welcome to the Bloomsburg University Manga and Anime Club (BUMAC) webpage. We hold free public showings of anime every Monday and Thursday at 7:45 p.m. in Bakeless Center Room 207. Please enjoy your stay and we hope to see you at the next meeting!


Several members of BUMAC will be attending the first ever C-Con at Lafayette College this weekend.  Hope to see you there!
Posted on 05 Mar 2010 by Webmaster
There will be NO meetings on March 8th & March 11th during Spring Break. Our next meeting will be on March 15th.<br /><br />Have a good vacation, everyone!
Posted on 05 Mar 2010 by Webmaster
Tonight, Thursday the 25th is part of a continually aggressive snow storm that will likely create poor road conditions as the night progresses. Due to no classes being canceled, club will still be held. Non-student and commuter members need not risk the road, and no attendance penalty will be applied.<BR><BR>Summer meeting rules will likely be in effect.<BR>
Posted on 25 Feb 2010 by Panda
Congratulations to the newly elected officers.  They are:<br /> <br />President: Kristopher (Longboat)<br />Vice President: Ryan (Powerdolphin)<br />Secretary: Rocio (Roxy)<br />Treasurer: Amanda (Munchkin)<br /><br />They will assume there elected positions in the Fall of 2010.
Posted on 05 Feb 2010 by Webmaster
The list of members with active, voting status for tomorrow's election of the 2010-11 officers has been prepared. It may be viewed at the link below.<br /><br /><a href="http://www.bumac.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=769" target="_blank">Voting Member List</a><br />
Posted on 03 Feb 2010 by Panda
BUMAC will officially be discontinuing the use of its Yahoo Group as a means of news announcement and direct communication.  The group will be maintained as an archive.  All current and former members interested in staying in-touch should subscribe to our Facebook Page and register on the forum.
Posted on 28 Jan 2010 by Panda
The BUMAC Spring Film Festival 2010 will be held on Sunday, January 31st from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m. It will be held in Centennial Hall Rooms 218, 243, 244, and 245 on the Bloomsburg University campus.  Programming includes screenings of various anime and live action movies on multiple screens, as well as games and other activities.  Light refreshments will be provided.  The event is free and open to the public, so feel free to bring friends and family for an enjoyable day indulging in the realm of the otaku.<br />
Posted on 23 Jan 2010 by Panda
<p>This is a reminder that the officer elections for next year will take place on Thursday, February 4th during the normal club meeting.</p><p>Members interested in voting/participating are encouraged to review the club membership/attendance policy which will be reposted in the Club Meetings section of the forum at the end of this week. </p><p>A final list of eligible voters/candidates will be posted following the official meeting on Monday, February 1st.</p>
Posted on 22 Jan 2010 by Panda
Our first meeting of the semester will be held on Thursday January 21st,
2010 in Bakeless Center Room 107 at 8:00 p.m.<br /><br />Reminder that if the weather becomes foul
and evening classes are canceled, we do not have club. If classes are
not canceled but the officers feel that travel is unsafe, we will post
on the website or Facebook group by 5:30 p.m. as to if we are going to
have club. <br /><br />Hope to see you all on Thursday!<br /><br />P.S. Remember to check the <a href="http://www.bumac.org/index.php?page=schedule">schedule</a> page for a week by week club schedule!<br />
Posted on 19 Jan 2010 by Webmaster
We have posted our Setsucon 2010 pictures.  Check them out!<br /><br /><a href="index.php?page=setsucon10erica">Setsucon 2010 Eric Set A</a><br /><a href="index.php?page=setsucon10ericb">Setsucon 2010 Eric Set B</a><br />
Posted on 19 Jan 2010 by Webmaster

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