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Facebook Page
BUMAC Facebook (Registration is required to post)

Twitter Page
BUMAC Twitter (Registration is required to post)

BUMAC Discord (Registration is required to post)

Club E-Mail
bumacorg (replace this with @) yahoo.com

Club Mailing Address
Bloomsburg University Manga and Anime Club
Bill Barnes, Executive Director of Enterprise Applications
Bloomsburg University
400 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Officers Contact
President: Jordan
E-Mail: jlr11246 (replace this with @) huskies.bloomu.edu

Vice President: Ren
E-Mail: zah85613 (replace this with @) huskies.bloomu.edu

Secretary: Jarrett
E-Mail: jdm86538 (replace this with @) huskies.bloomu.edu

Treasurer: Gehrig
E-Mail: grs81630 (replace this with @) huskies.bloomu.edu

Advisor Contact
Advisor: Bill Barnes
E-Mail: wbarnes (replace this with @) bloomu.edu

Website Contact
Webmaster: Eric
E-Mail: bumacorg (replace this with @) yahoo.com