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General Meeting:
We meet every Monday and Thursday from 7:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. in Bakeless Center Room 306.
We do not have meetings on college holidays or if classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day.

Usually before our meetings is the time to chat with other attendees, bring up any pre-meeting issues with our officers, and setup equipment.

Our meetings begin with the officers discussing any matters related to the club and allowing attendees with issues to raise them. We then proceed to the voting with what shows have been brought by members. Shows will vary per meeting.

The officers control the final decision if a show is acceptable and meets club rules.
Acceptable Materials: Anime, Anime & Manga based Live-Action, East Asian Movie.
Prohibited Materials: Hentai, Shows that would require attendees to have seen previous seasons to understand.

Currently our club has the equipment to view DVD's, Blu-ray's, and stream from legal streaming websites.
Each member is limited to bringing TWO shows per meeting.

There are normally two rounds of voting. If your birthday occurs during a week where an official meeting is held, please inform the officers, and you get a double vote for that meeting!
In the first round all shows are described and voting occurs immediately after the description. Everyone can vote as many times as they wish for the available shows in the first round and the shows with the highest vote counts move to the second round. If after the first round of voting more than 3 shows are close in the vote count, a re-vote will occur with these shows under the first round rules.
During the second round everyone only votes once for the show they like best, and the show with the highest vote count wins. In the event of a tie, either a coin-flip or re-vote occurs to get a winner.

Winning shows can only be shown twice per respective year (Spring/Fall) and can only be shown on the day of the week it was initially voted in on. Generally, we get in about 4-5 episodes of a standard show (½ hour episodes) per meeting or until we run out of available episodes. Under normal circumstances we will watch the show in its original language with English subtitles unless equipment or media problems prevent us from doing so, the winning member recommends to watch the show dubbed, or a majority vote occurs to watch the episodes dubbed. IF a technical error occurs with the show, the member is given one chance to rectify the problem. If the problem cannot be rectified the show which received the second most votes wins by disqualification and so forth.

For directions to our meetings, please view the Join Us page.

Executive Meetings:
Held as needed.