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Former Officers

Treasurer 2020-2023
Name: Jay
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2020-2023

Vice President Fall 2022
Name: Emily
Officer Positions: Vice President Fall 2022, President 2020-2022, Vice President 2019-2020

Vice President 2020-2022
Name: Sierra
Officer Positions: Vice President 2020-2022, Secretary 2019-2020

2019-2020 Officers
The 2019-2020 officers of the club.

President 2019-2020
Name: Raven
Officer Positions: President 2019-2020

Treasurer 2019-2020
Name: Mitchell
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2019-2020, Vice President 2018-2019

2018-2019 Officers
The 2018-2019 officers of the club.

President 2018-2019
Name: Kat
Officer Positions: President 2018-2019, Secretary 2015-2018

Secretary 2018-2019
Name: Jon
Officer Positions: Secretary 2018-2019

Treasurer 2018-2019
Name: Matt Y.
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2018-2019

2017-2018 Officers
The 2017-2018 officers of the club.

President 2017-2018
Name: David
Officer Positions: President 2017-2018, Vice President 2014-2017
Committees: Public Relations 2013-2014
Birthday: September 26th, 1992
Hometown: Lewisburg, PA
Major: History/Chinese
Favourite Anime: Log Horizon, Natsume Yuujinchou, anything romance
Favourite Manga: Fairy Tail, Deadman Wonderland
About: I watched Pokemon for a while when I was a kid, but I generally disliked anime, and with some pressure from my brothers I gave up on Pokemon. My interest in anime rekindled in 2011 when I decided to watch Bleach and a few other dubs, and then with Mirai Nikki, I started watching subs.

Vice President 2017-2018
Name: Capria
Officer Positions: Vice President 2017-2018, Treasurer 2016-2017
Birthday: April 29th
Hometown: Berwick, PA
Majors: Anthropology
Minors: Art Studio and Psychology
Favorite Anime: Steins;Gate, Blood+, Danganronpa 3, and Spirited Away
Favorite Manga: I don’t have specific favorites
About: The first anime that I was introduced to was Sailor Moon when I was a kid. However, it wasn't until Middle school where I become a fan of it. Now, I'm more of a sub over dub type of person but there are some great dubs out there.

Treasurer 2017-2018
Name: Dylan
Officer Position: Treasurer 2017-2018
Birthday: May 29th
Hometown: Sunbury, PA
Major: Anthropology & History
Favorite Anime: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Overlord, Durarara, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent.
Favorite Manga: Uzumaki, Berserk (RIP), Fuan no Tane, Tomie
About: Started watching anime when I was young with studio Ghibli films with my grandparents, after that I kept slowly expanding into other branches of anime genres.

2016-2017 Officers
The 2016-2017 officers of the club.

President 2015-2017
Name: Chris B.
Officer Positions: President 2015-2017
Birthday: September 11th, 1995
Hometown: Lititz, PA
Major: Digital Forensics
Favorite Anime: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Shiki, Nichijou, Another, Inferno Cop
About: I earned my Eagle Scout Badge in 2013, and have been trying to become the best leader I can ever since. I remember watching anime as early as 10 years old, and haven't stopped watching since. I'm the first consecutive president for this club in a very long time. I'm also an avid kaiju fan. In my opinion, 90s anime is all-around the most visually entertaining.

2015-2016 Officers
The 2015-2016 officers of the club.

Treasurer 2015-2016
Name: Brooke
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2015-2016
Birthday: February 25th, 1996
Hometown: Mifflinburg, PA
Major: Digital Forensics
Favorite Anime: Pandora Hearts, FMA: Brotherhood
About: I'm a nerd in many ways. I love IT, science, anime/manga, and gaming. Got into manga a few years ago, and I definitely prefer it over anime.

2014-2015 Officers
The 2014-2015 officers of the club.

President 2014-2015
Name: Matt
Officer Positions: President 2014-2015, Vice-President 2013-2014, Secretary 2012-2013
Committees: Event Committee 2014-2015, Freshman Representative 2011-2012
Birthday: October 12th, 1992
Hometown: Several, most recent: New Freedom, PA
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Anime: One Piece, Basquash, Detective Conan, Baccano, Familiar of Zero, Beck, ZOIDS, Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo, Eyeshield 21
About: Um, not much to say about me, really. My parents were in the Air Force, so a lot of moving happened, basically a new place every three years until I was 15, and they had both since retired. One of the few constants was Toonami, except in Germany, which had dubbed Digimon so all was good. Eventually I branched out into other series, and got more involved with the fandom as a whole, eventually culminating in some cons. So yeah… that’s all.

Secretary 2014-2015
Name: Valerie
Officer Positions: Secretary 2014-2015
Committees: Freshman Representative 2013-2014
Birthday: June 21st
Hometown: Schwenksville, PA
Major: Secondary Ed-English
Favorite Anime: Lucky Star, Death Note (just the first season) K-On, anything Studio Ghibli, anything with cats: 3
Favorite Manga: Liar Game, Save Me! Lollipop, Yotsuba&!, etc...
About: I like cats, I have cats, cats are nice. Uh... Nya~... :3

Treasurer 2014-2015
Name: Ronald
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2014-2015
Committees: Freshman Representative 2010-2011
Birthday: October 12th, 1992
Hometown: Ottsville, PA
Major: Digital Forensics
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Inuyasha
About: I watched Sailor Moon, I enjoyed it, I got into anime. Currently on the quest to watch every episode of Pokemon ever. Here's a tip, DON'T DO THAT.

2013-2014 Officers
The 2013-2014 officers of the club.

President 2013-2014
Name: Nate
Officer Positions: President 2013-2014, Vice President 2012-2013
Committees: Event Committee 2012-2014, Gaming Committee 2010-2012
Birthday: August 26th, 1991
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: Biology
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Azumanga Daioh, Steins;Gate, Bartender
About: I started watching anime because Sailor Moon was the only thing on at 6 a.m. on Saturdays that wasn’t infomercials. 8 year old me was up at that time so that’s what I watched.

Secretary 2013-2014
Name: Sam
Officer Positions: Secretary 2013-2014
Birthday: February 2nd, 1993
Hometown: Honesdale, PA
Major: Creative Writing/Journalism
Favorite Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Favorite Manga: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
About: Like most others I started watching anime with Toonami, though I was more of a Nickelodeon kid.  I started getting more seriously into anime towards the end of Middle School when I reconnected with some old friends who were into it. 

Treasurer 2013-2014
Name: Benjamin
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2012-2014, Secretary Fall 2011-2012
Committees: Freshman Representative 2010-2011
Nickname: Spike
Birthday: December 8th, 1991
Hometown: Nazareth, PA
Major: Accounting
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Zeta Gundam, Katanagatari
Favorite Manga: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
About: Been watching Anime since I was a kid with Toonami and have been watching ever since. I am also an avid gamer (mostly PC at the moment).

2012-2013 Officers
The 2012-2013 officers of the club.

President 2012-2013
Name: Ryan Y.
Officer Positions: President 2012-2013, Vice President 2010-2012, Treasurer 2009-2010
Committees: Public Relations 2010-2012, Freshman Representative 2008-2009
Nickname: Powerdolphin
Birthday: June 26th, 1990
Hometown: Milton, PA...ish.
Major: Accounting
Quotes: "A good man cannot hide his beautiful body by wearing lots of clothes!"
Favorite Anime: Code Geass, Steins;Gate, Ouran High School Host Club
About: My high school had about 500 people, so there wasn't really a big fanbase for anime. Still, I watched a few series' now and then, and was a big fan of videogames throughout the whole thing. I don’t know how I became President, I blame Fred.

2011-2012 Officers
The 2011-2012 officers of the club.

President 2011-2012
Name: Ryan P.
Officer Positions: President 2011-2012, 2007-2008, Secretary 2005-2007, Acting Vice President Spring 2006
Nickname: "Sec. Ryan"
Birthday: June 14th, 1985
Hometown: Langhorne, PA
Major: Curriculum and Instruction
Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Code Geass, Lupin III, Full Metal Panic, Tenchi Muyo,Baccano,Gurren Lagann, My Bride is a Mermaid, and Gundam
About: Like many other fans, I was converted to anime by watching DBZ. Series like Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ruruouni Kenshin, and Gundam made sure that I stayed hooked. I joined up with the club in the spring semester of my freshmen year at the urgings of Andrew. As the newly elected president of the club (for the second time), I will work with all the members to ensure that we have a productive year.

Treasurer 2011-2012
Name: Michael
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2011-2012
Committees: Freshman Representative 2010-2011
Nickname: Shorty, Hamtaro, or maybe its Forba I'm not really sure
Birthday: December 19th, 1991
Hometown: Tunkhannock, PA
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
Favorite Anime: Hellsing OVA, Black Lagoon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Code Geass, Monster
About: I was REALLY into Digimon, DBZ, etc as a kid but then I just kind of stopped watching anime for a very long. Until in 11th grade when Munchkin and a mutual friend of ours forced me to watch it again. After that I was hooked.

Fall 2011 Officers
The Fall 2011 officers of the club.

Secretary Spring 2011-Fall 2011
Name: Sydney
Officer Positions: Secretary Spring 2011-Fall 2011
Committees: Freshman Representative 2010-2011
Nickname: Squirtle
Birthday: February 6th, 1992
Hometown: Sunbury, PA and Huber, NC
Major: Theatre though it will change at somepoint
Favorite Anime: Black Butler, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, Meru Peuri, God Child and Bizenghast (some of these are manga and not anime)
About: Well I've always kind of watched anime, but instead of calling it anime I called it Japanimation, which is what my dad called it. It wasn't until freshman year of high school that some of my friends went Sydney really? It's anime not Japanimation. This is also the time I read my first manga, and had to read the first page at least five times before it made sense. I have swiftly started finding out my own tastes in manga and anime, and adopting other peoples tastes as well. I joined BUMAC because I wanted to watch different anime that I wouldn’t be able to find on my own, and maybe get new addictions. Favorite quote ever about anime and manga is that it is my anti-drug, because with trying to buy all the books or DVDs of a series you have no money to waste on those senseless things.

Spring 2011 Officers
The Spring 2011 officers of the club.

President 2010-2011
Name: Kris
Officer Positions: President 2010-2011
Committees: Freshman Representative 2009-2010
Nickname: Longboat
Birthday: October 14th, 1990
Hometown: Croydon, PA
Major: Secondary Education/English
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Monster, Code Geass, FMA: Brotherhood
About: I kinda got sucked into anime with Saturday morning cartoons and DBZ before school. From there I fell into video games and computers, and eventually became the nerd/geek I am today. I'm also an English teaching Viking that drives a VW bus from the 60s.

Treasurer 2010-2011
Name: Amanda
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2010-2011
Committees: Freshman Representative 2009-2010
Nickname: Munchkin
Birthday: March 7th, 1991
Hometown: Tunkhannock, PA
Major: Secondary Education/English
Favorite Manga: Bleach, God Child, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist
Favorite Anime: Code Geass, Ouran High School Host Club
About: I started reading manga in biology class during my sophomore year of high school and ended up watching anime soon after. What can I say; I'm hooked! ;)

2010-2011 Officers
The 2010-2011 officers of the club.

Secretary 2009-2011
Name: Rocio
Officer Positions: Secretary 2009-2011
Committees: Chair of Library Committee 2009-2010, Freshman Representative 2008-2009
Nickname: Roxy
Birthday: May 23rd, 1990
Hometown: Reading, PA
Major: Spanish
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Kannazuki no Miko, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, Iketeru Futari, Green Green
About: What got me into anime was definitely Sailor Moon... but after that I didn't really see another anime until I was in sixth grade when my friends introduced me into manga... After that, I was obsessed! Since then I've expanded my anime/manga experience(and loving any minute of it)! <3

2009-2010 Officers
The 2009-2010 officers of the club.

President 2008-2010
Name: Max
Officer Positions: President 2008-2010, Secretary 2007-2008
Committees: Library Committee 2010-2011, Chair of Public Relations 2008-2009
Nickname: Erika's Brother
Birthday: August 15th, 1988
Hometown: Orangeville, PA
Major: Secondary Education/History
Quotes: "What happy hell is this?"
"What treachery is THIS!?" - Brain
"Screw the rules, I have money!" - Seto Kaiba
Favorite Anime: Master Keaton, The Enemy's the Pirates, Vandread
About: My participation in anime started early on, since German TV has been carrying shows like Captain Future, Attack No. 1, and all other sorts for about forever.

Vice President 2009
Name: Jason
Officer Positions: Vice President 2009
Committees: Public Relations 2012-2013, Chair of Public Relations 2009
Nickname: Big Sexy
Birthday: July 16th
Hometown: Nescopeck, PA
Quotes: ďI am sexier then PowerDolphin!Ē
Favorite Anime: Outlaw Star, Stellvia, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion
About: I am a long-term member of club who has recently transferred into Bloomsburg. I canít wait to help out club the best I can.

2008-2009 Officers
The 2008-2009 officers of the club.

Treasurer 2008-2009
Name: Erika
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2008-2009, Vice President 2005-2008
Committees: Chair of Library Committee 2008-2009
Nickname: The Queen, God, and "Chellby"
Birthday: September 22nd, 1984
Hometown: Orangeville
Major: Curriculum & Instruction
Quotes: "You wouldn't know a cunning plan if it painted itself blue and danced naked atop a harpsichord singing 'Cunning Plans Are Here Again.'" - Blackadder
"All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." - James Dean
Favorite Anime: Gravitation, Full Metal Alchemist, Basilisk, Death Note, Dragon Half
About: Discovered anime in the fall of 2003, when I was invited to a meeting by former president Timmy aka "Spazzy". I became instantly obsessed, and have been a faithful member of BUMAC ever since. I am very excited to be BUMAC's new Treasurer and I shall make sure we spend our monies well! Love&Spice, and Yea Bob!

Vice President 2008-2009
Name: Steve
Officer Positions: Vice President 2008-2009
Committees: Freshman Representative 2005-2006
Nickname: "Zombie Steve"
Birthday: April 22nd, 1986

Secretary 2008-2009
Name: Josh
Officer Positions: Secretary 2008-2009
Birthday: March 13th, 1989
Hometown: Bloomsburg, PA
Major: Pre-Veterinarian
Quotes: "Computers speak AMERICAN!"
"Do I hear happy?"
Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball (regular Z and *gulp* GT for other reasons), Dragon Half, Hellsing, Speed Grapher, Trinity Blood.
About:  I was the jock in high school and very popular. I didn't like all the attention so I decided to lay low in college and came to this club where I met some of the most epic people I’ve ever known. I started anime like almost everyone else I know way back when Toonami (*sniff*) ran on weekdays and showed stuff like DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, and Thunder Cats. Then through High School I was so busy I couldn't watch it anymore until I came to club last year and saw some of the most epic stuff yet.

2008 Fall Officers
The Fall 2008 officers of the club.

President Fall 2008
Name: Fred
Officer Positions: President Fall 2008
Committees: Chair of Public Relations 2007-2008
Nickname: "Frank"
Birthday: July 5th, 1988
Hometown: Shenandoah
Major: English
Quotes: "You bought a paperback Necronomicon!?"
Favorite Anime: Pumpkin Scissors, Cromartie High, Gantz, Hellsing Ultimate, Monster, Soul Eater
About: I started out in a small town with a small group of friends and even created a sort of anime club at my highschool. My taste in anime is extremely varied. I am also an avid gamer. I play a wide variety but I've been mostly playing PC fps's these days.

Vice President Fall 2008
Name: Josh
Officer Positions: Vice President Fall 2008
Nickname: "Dopple"
Birthday: October 25th, 1986
Hometown: Weatherly
Major: Computer Science
Quotes: "Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock-n-Roll." - Shigeru Miyamoto
"The box said 'Requires Windows 95 or better'. So I installed Linux."
Favorite Anime: Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, Monster, Neon Genesis Evangelion
About: When I first started college I knew nothing about Anime. Then I started to watch Adult Swim late at night and I ended up at this club. After joining this awesome club, I became addicted to Anime and made some good friends at club. Now I canít wait to go to club and watch some new and interesting Anime with my friends. When I am not in club or programming, I am either playing a video game, listening to music, or devoting my time to the Bloomsburg University ACM. I also with Fred helped create the podcast for BUMAC and I do the editing. As vice president, I intend to work together with the officers of club to make club an enjoyable experience for everyone and get new members, without straying from the roots of the club.

2007-2008 Officers
The 2007-2008 officers of the club.

Treasurer 2007-2008
Name: Nayeem
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2007-2008
Committees: Chair of Library Committee 2007-2008, Freshman Representative 2006-2007
Nickname: The Kaiser
Birthday: August, 26th, 1986
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Major: Economics
Quotes: "Be mindful of your actions"
"The world is round & that's why we have problems"
Favorite Anime: GetBackers, Samurai 7, Avatar, Oran School Host Club, BeyBlade, Death Note, Requiem from the Darkness.
About: Well I got into anime when I was a kid thinking reality is overrated. Moreover, the action scenes in anime are far more detailed than real life movies. I had Animax back home so got 24 hr entertainment. Apart from anime, I like to read books & write short stories. I was also the Senior Patrol Leader of my Scout group & even went to a few foreign camping trips. I was captain of my high school soccer team & play intramural soccer here at BU, you can catch us in action every weekend at the rec centre or upper campus.

2006-2007 Officers
The 2006-2007 officers of the club.

President 2005-2007
Name: Eric
Officer Positions: President 2005-2007, Treasurer 2004-2005
Committees: Chair of Website Committee 2007-present, Webmaster 2005-2007
Nickname: "Bob"
Birthday: August 7th, 1985
Hometown: Catawissa
Major: BIS (Business Information Systems) with a CIS (Computer Information Systems) minor
Quotes: Timmy - "Wait you’re the President…Vice President…Secretary…Treasurer finally got it. “ Eric - “I’m the Vice Secretary of War dammit!”
Eric - “Were not cheap, were fiscally conservative.”
*Scene during a certain anime* Eric: - “Opps. I forgot about that.”
Favorite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Panic, Sailor Moon (Don’t tell anybody ;D), His and Her Circumstances, Kiddy Grade, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, Code Geass
About: Hello and welcome to BUMAC. My name is Eric and I was the president of this fine organization. I served two years as president, one year as treasurer, am serving my third year as webmaster, and it is my forth year as a member of the club. I held the position of Treasurer for the 2004-2005 year and after its rebuilding was elected to the Presidency. I also spearheaded the project to build our website starting in 2005. During my reign I did what I could to further develop this club to its highest potential and while not fully succeeding I am proud to say I left the club in better shape then I started in several areas. I am a newer fan of anime and manga as I did not get heavily into them until I came to college, but thanks to school and work I donít get to enjoy either as much as I would desire. So please tolerate me when I donít understand if youíre talking about Full Metal Alchemist or Tenchi. I'm a local boy, lived in this area all my life, and am finally on cable internet. Commuters forever!

Treasurer 2006-2007
Name: Rachel
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2006-2007, Acting Officer Spring 2006
Committees: Chair of Public Relations 2006-2007, Freshman Representative 2005-2006
Nickname: Zero
Birthday: June 6th, 1987
Blood Type: O-
Hometown: Pen Argyl, PA
Major: Study Art
Quotes: Tim: "There is no "I" in "team". Rachel: "There is no "I" in "team" but there is an "I" in "Die" and it isn't gonna be me!"
"We fear that which we cannot see...We respect that which we cannot see... Thus the blade will be wielded." - Bleach
"Go die...Die and come back as a more sentient being!" - Ishida Uryuu (Bleach)
Favorite Anime: Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Bleach, Chrno Crusade, Jigoku Shoujo
About: I am Rachel. Or sometimes known as "Destroyer of Worlds." Whichever you can remember more easily. I like to draw and art in general. I like role-playing. I also like chickens and ninjas and pirates. Not necessarily in that order. My favorite animal is the octopus. I like bugs, too. Yea, I'm the person you give dirty (or worried) looks at when I'm saving the worms off the side-walks. Well, one day they will rise up to destroy mankind and they will be my friends and not yours. And then who will be cool, eh?! But they told me thet would hold the revolution off until I reached my current goal in life - to learn Japanese, go to Japan, and bring back pocky and riceballs to all my homies in Bloomsburg.

Acting Treasurer 2006
Name: Andrew
Officer Positions: Acting Treasurer 2006
Committees: Chair of Public Relations 2005-2006
Nickname: "Weasel of the Moon"
Birthday: January 4, 1986
Hometown: Philadelphia
Major: Mass Communication
Quotes: "Hey Spaz, I motion that we watch this in Engrish."
"If you hang out after club you get to talk about anime, and politics, and movies, and how much George Bush Sucks"
Favorite Anime: Slayers, Full Metal Panic, El Hazard, Ruroni Kenshin, Martian Successor Nadesico, EVA, and Peacemaker
About: Obtained the status of Weasel of the Moon when asked who wanted nicknames at his first meeting, Grant thus dubbed him "Weasel of the Moon" From there he has proved to be one of the club's best psychotic members.

Treasurer 2005
Name: Laura
Officer Positions: Treasurer 2005
Nickname: "Hell-hair Big-tits" (thanx Chelly)
Birthday: January 27st, 1985
Hometown: Berwick
Major: Elementary Ed.
Favorite Anime: Gravitation, Bleach, VanDread, Dragon Half, Oh! My Goddess
Quotes: "I am half a Slime!!" - Dragon Half
"Mr. Alien, are you ok??" - Dita from VanDread

2004-2005 officers
The 2004-2005 officers of the club.

President 2003-2005
Name: Timmy AKA "The Wipping Boy"
Officer Positions: President 2003-2005
Nickname: "Spazzy"
Birthday: January 2nd, 1983
Hometown: Levittown
Major: Math
Quotes: Tim - "I am open and easy"
Heather - "She is trying to say she is a whore"
Favorite Anime: Sorcerer Hunters
About: Got into anime because of BUMAC. Joined the club my freshman year knowing almost nothing of anime other than DBZ. Now I am the President and have seen more animes than I can count. Its been a great place I have made good friends here and met many different people. Otakon trips and the lot are fun and great times with good people. I hope to keep this club running and have it running long past my graduation.

Vice President 2004-2005
Name: Heather
Officer Positions: Vice President 2004-2005
Nickname: "The quiet one sitting in the Sailor Moon outfit"/ AKA "H"
Birthday: January 24th 1984
Hometown: Gilbertsville
Major: English
Favorite Anime: Zetsuai, Fushigi Yuugi, Utena, SailorMoon, Oniisama Ee, Etc.
About: I have loved anime since I was 12 when SailorMoon first hit the air over here. Sure, I watched Ronin Warriors and the older stuff, but it took until 12 to really know what "anime" was. I remember the day I came onto campus as a High School senior there was an Anime Fest going on here. After seeing the BU club in action, I knew this was the place for me. I started to talk to Ms. Lan (one of our founders) online, and she introduced me to club that Fall. I became the female Freshman lacky back then in 2002. It was a good job, but the next year I moved up in rank to VP under Timmy when our old VP stepped down. Since then I have been watching members come and go, supervising craziness, and being trained to run things smoothly when Timmy leaves. Our officers work wonderfully together. This club will keep going for years to come, and I'll never forget the awesome people I've met!

Secretary 2004-2005
Name: Karie
Officer Positions: Secretary 2004-2005
Nickname: “"The Nudist" / "Chewy"
Birthday: August 26th, 1982
Hometown: Lancaster
Major: Elementary and Early Childhood ed.
Favorite Anime: Sexy Commando

Former Advisors

Jeff E. Long Name: Jeff E. Long
Age: Doesn't really matter because once you turn 40 every other birthday is just that, a birthday
Birthday: January 6, a Capricorn; born in the year of the Dragon by the Japanese reckoning of the Chinese lunar calendar (On January 1, 1873 the Japanese changed over to the Gregorian calendar as another step toward "modernization"), but by the traditional lunar calendar still consulted in China and Korea I was more likely born in the year of the Rabbit
Hometown: Born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma the home of the Cherokee Nation (and I am 1/8th Cherokee), but I grew up just across the border in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and thus became a Razorback fan for life.
Dept in the College: Associate Professor in the Department of History teaching East Asian history
Favorite Anime: Introduced to anime when one of my Japanese language teachers while studying in Tokyo brought Kaze no Tani no Naushika into class for us to study to improve our Japanese and I guess that I still haven't gotten over the magic that Miyazaki infuses into his anime nor the environmentalist message that he often includes in his works. In addition, the area where I lived while in the suburbs of Tokyo was the background for his 1988 film Tonari no Totoro so there is a connection back to my personal experiences living in Japan as well.
About: Became interested in Japan after taking some courses on East Asia as an undergrad and spent 1985-1986 as an exchange student at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. I loved the experience so much that I returned in 1987 for another two years of language study in Tokyo and worked for a Japanese corporation, Miyaji Gakki, for a year before returning to start my graduate studies in 1990. Twenty years later, little did I know that a career and a love for East Asian history and culture in general would ensue. While I might not always be able to attend the meetings regularly, I do want to wish the club all the best and will do what I can to help make it a success. Gambatte ne!

Douglas KarsnerName: Douglas Karsner
Specialization: United States business and economic history, urban, diplomatic, Japanese-American Relations.
Age: Old enough to have watched Astro Boy, Gigantor, and Speed Racer when they were first shown on American TV. Still enjoy these "originals".
Hometown: Grew up in the suburbs just west of Philly.
Favorite Anime: Among more recent anime, Cowboy Bebop is #1 for many reasons. Like Long Sensei, I am amazed at Miyazaki's works.
About: Taught at Temple University Japan in Tokyo from 1993 to 1996 before coming to BU. Did a return engagement last summer and hope to do so again in the future.
Other Japan Interests: Kaiju eiga especially Gojira and Gameraj. Music - my current favorite Japanese band is "The Privates". Sumo - watch every basho on NHIC satellite TV. Vending machines - in all their wonderful vavieties.

Special Thanks

To Lori for allowing us to use Bakeless Center Room 105 from 2010-2011.

To Nancy for allowing us to use Bakeless Center Room 210 in 2009.

To Darrell for allowing us to use Bakeless Center Room 107 from 2005-2008, 2010 and 105 in 2009.

To Cathy for allowing us to use Bakeless Center Room 305 from 2004-2005.